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Stuff to Do

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and Stories We Need Right Now

After spending over 10,000 hours at home, I decided this list can inspire you and save you from boredom

After the Coronavirus outbreak we are all stressed-out, worring for the future, our jobs, driving us crazy to stay at home. Since I am not an expert, I won’t be talking about how to protect yourselves or what is going on with the virus or the economy. But just to get it out of the way, experts say follwoing simple rules as washing hands (for at least 20 sec), keeping social distancing (2 meters), not touching your face, avoiding crowded places, best staying at home and just go to the shop/pharmacy if needed (if you can offord to do so) and work from home (if you can), put your clothes on the balcony for the day if you went out wearing them, take Vitamin D (in reasonable amount), drink water and tea, eat garlic (it’s just good for you ;)) should keep you safe. Ok, after we have cleared this out, let’s see whats next. If the news has not reached you or for some extraterrestrial reason you are not convinced, here’s another article: LINK

I have been working from home since forever. Ok, actively for 3 years now, but before that I have spent a good amount of time remote working or “home officing”, so I have had my fair share of hours spent alone and trying to stay productive. With my company webdesh and social initiatives that I am part of, also great amount of support from family, friends and my boyfriend, I managed to escape the isolation and depression fast when it hits. It hits always when you stay isolated for too long, but if you know it’s just temporary, this helps. Of course for more severe mental problems that are not just mild discomforts, you should seek support from a professional.

How this article started: I had a bad migraine last night, went to sleep at 10PM after throwing up (a lot) and I got up at 2:30AM. After reading again all the news, I decided to stay on a positive note, since I couldn’t sleep, I decided I may as well stay productive, remembered and researched a bunch and here is the result :)

Our goal here is to stay positive, relaxed, spend valuable time with the people who you live with (best if only with them!) and maybe catch up on things you never find the time to. Let’s get started!

Before you proceed...

I want to get one other thing our of the way – we are not going to talk about the obvious – read books, work from home, cook, etc. But I have found some interesting ideas to enjoy your time at home in different and more diverse ways. So a list of books (mostly entrepreneurship and personal development) I recommend can come in another article ;)

Also, none of these are paid or sponsored, if I share affiliate links, I will specifically tell you ALWAYS about that! I feel this is only fair.

Watch for the link icon – everything that has it is clickable ;)

Random things to do at home

End World Hunger...

Well, not fully end world hunger, but while playing the game you actually see some ads from time to time and this gives a payment to buy rice for places and people who struggle with food supply. Over 200 Billion rice grains donated till today (March 15, 2020). Check it out:

DIY Hand Sanitizer?

I just want to make this clear – there are things that work and things that don’t. So here is why we should listen to the experts, in this case I trust the WHO (World Health Organization) since they have a guide and also experts say, that using soup and water for 20 seconds (at least) is much better. If you don’t have this and if the pharmacies around are out of hand sanitizers (to use on the go), then maybe you can follow the guide here: LINK and a vloger here has analysed many recipes and explains it quite easy.


With kids

Learn more...

Plan & organize your life

Plan, motivate yourself and get your life in order

Treat yourself

Lets chill with these small pleasures for relaxation

Or maybe you just wanna laugh

Sometimes you just need something to cheer you up and for me lately it’s been stand up shows. This is why my 1st article is about them – the funnies shows I have watched till yesterday (mostly during 2019 but with some of them we go wayy back). Before you invest in subscriptions, it’s best to see each short description I have prepared for each comedian, so that you make sure you enjoy the type of humour they use. There are also many short YouTube videos that are hilarious. Enjoy ;)

Stay Safe & Help Each Other as a community, not only as a family.


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