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Website Analysis of LolaVie

October 26, 2022



The series of analyzing websites continues! As you know, Monica and Rachel from Friends are an iconic duo, that I simply love. Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are passionate entrepreneurs I admire. So, do you sense where I am getting to? :)

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As a big Friends lover, I proceed with Jennifer Aniston‘s website – Lolavie.comThe product line is focused on “high-quality, plant-based ingredients in advanced formulations designed to promote healthy hair”. They say on their website that “Sitting at this intersection of science and nature, our mission is to deliver the finest clean, high-performing, naturally-derived haircare.” Isn’t that great? :)

Here is the video where I analyze the website design, responsiveness, and performance and share some tips and tricks about improving the UX. I hope you find it useful

Disclaimer: This is an opinion video. The idea and intent of this video is to give an opinion and interesting information. It is not meant to discredit or harm any business or person connected to or mentioned in this video.

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