Female Entrepreneurs In Tech And Beyond Vol. 1

May 25, 2022

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What Ventures Are They Running And What Are Their Challenges? #powerwomen

We often limit the stories we tell to female startup founders, CEOs of large product companies, and investors from the tech sector. Yet, there are so many badass women running businesses who don’t necessarily fall into this category but are also entrepreneurs who have know-how, face challenges, get over problems and can share valuable insights. This March, we decided to celebrate variety and these women, the ones who run different small businesses, not necessarily connected to tech products, and don’t usually get enough of the deserved media attention. 

Founders of healthy pastry shops, owners of digital agencies, event organizers, food innovators, coaches, logistics businesswomen, magic paint innovators, designers, community leaders… We find great diversity among the members of the recently started community “Female Entrepreneurship Bulgaria”. 

Why have they formed this group, what are the topics they wanted to tackle together, and generally, what are female entrepreneurs in Bulgaria doing, why have they chosen this path, what are their missions, do they believe in the business-family dilemma and what challenges are they facing.  Meet Pavlina Desheva, Elena Nikolova and Teodora Donkin.

Pavlina Desheva, founder of Webdesh:

Make quick decisions, and never follow the sunk cost fallacy

Pavlina Desheva is the founder of webdesh, a company that develops WordPress sites and design. She is a single founder which she calls “both a blessing and a challenge”. The team of webdesh is over 80% female and is on a mission to give everyone a chance to have their beautiful place online (we call it – your land on the web) and to have it fast. Currently a service company, the team is now thinking of a product that would make the creation of websites easier. Before webdesh, Pavlina had her own product startup – Doglar, an app for pet owners, which was started with another female partner. Pavlina is one of the founding members of the Bulgarian entrepreneurship organization Start It Smart, and also the initiator of the Female Entrepreneurship Bulgaria group on Facebook. For a while, Pavlina also had a project for refurbishment and design of old furniture called Kreslo.

Have you ever faced challenges of being a woman and how male-dominated your business sector is?

Yes, definitely, but somehow this motivates me even more. I have a degree in Mathematics and Informatics, for 10 years now I have been involved in entrepreneurship and various companies and initiatives in the IT industry, all dominated by men.

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