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5 things to ask and look for in your website

October 26, 2022



When someone is creating your website, there are so many different services and developers you could find. As I firmly believe in the transparency of relationships,  it’s important for both sides to know what to expect from each other.

When it comes to website creation, there are some things that we, as website creators, need to cover as the basics of good, full service no matter whether or not the client has asked specifically about them. The devil is in the details, you know. So, It’s the good practices that work. 


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What good, full website creation service consists of?

In this video I will give you these 5 things (and few as a bonus) that you should always ask for in your new website. I hope you enjoy it and most importantly – you find it useful when you decide to get your own website for your personal blog or business.

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