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Nice to see you here

I have always struggled with taking myself seriously and maybe this has slowed me down sometimes but I also believe it has been keeping me down-to-Earth for the most of it. So starting a blog where I am the main opinion giver has been long procrastinated and a little bit scary.
Since I turned 30 I’ve really started expressing myself, being more vocal about things that matter in the world and in my world.

Get old and be vocal, basically :D

Read more to see what I have in store for you;)


Travel plays a big part in the adventure of “finding yourself”. Or at least this is what I tell myself when instead of buying a new car or repaint that weeping wall, I plan the next trip as soon as I get back from the last one. I guess travel  has been hard-coded in my veins!

Polly "The Spreadsheet"

I like to do things the right way the 1st time and reuse after…and it applies here like this: I go somewhere, you will go there next, instead of me telling you all about the places over and over again (to you, to my other friend and the other one, etc) I just send you a link with AAAALL the information I have and you will need.

General wonderings

I try to suppress the philosopher in me, for the most part but sharing ideas, thoughts, mysteries of the world around me… Ok, look, I always thought that a good dispute brings out the truth. I like to lay down arguments… and if you have any – I will love to hear them. Lets do this! ;)

About me

I am a 30-year-old from Sofia, Bulgaria. I studied Mathematics and Informatics (bachelor’s degree) in University of Sofia and MBA in NBU.

I am a proud founder of web/desh, co-founder of kreslo.studio, as well as a former member of Start it Smart., also initiator of Female Entrepreneurship Bulgaria – community gathering and supporting women in business in and from Bulgaria.

I like exploring the world – both by travelling and reading; just a wanderlust wonderer, trying to understand the world. ~

Polly Desheva
both pictures (and almost all from Asia & London) here thanks to @bibons
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