Hello, YouTube World! & Website Analysis of Homecourt

Hello, YouTube World! & Website Analysis of Homecourt

September 21, 2022




What I love about being the founder of the web design studio Webdesh, and as a business and startup mentor for over 10 years, is all the valuable experience I’ve gained along the way.

I’ve always been passionate about creating initiatives and sharing my experience on topics I care about, sooo….Hello, YouTube World!

I’m really excited to share that I’ve just started my YouTube channel. There I’ll be sharing my first-hand experience and know-how on a variety of topics – tips and tricks about WordPress, website building, website analysis, business, company culture, entrepreneurship, and (of course my first love) productivity.

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My Why?

At Webdesh we’ve been focused on creating beautiful WordPress websites. But since few clients asked us for an honest professional opinion about their current ones, we “invented” the website analysis service where we make a detailed report on your websites’ UX and UI design, SEO, speed, security, GDPR best practices, and more (if interested – see more here: https://webdesh.com/website-analysis/)

What inspires me here is that there’s always room for growth and improvement, change is constant and each day you learn something new.  So I’ve decided to start this series of videos where I analyze different websites. (Close friends of mine always said I had the characteristics to be a quality inspector of some sorts, so here I am :D I believe Monica Geller can relate :D – a wink to my first video).

As a big Friends lover, I’m starting off with Courtney Cox’s website – Homecourt.co – The Beauty of Homecare. It’s a really beautiful project and I find the business idea great –  “A new collection of luxury cleaning and household products infused with fine fragrances and skincare-grade ingredients” and more: https://homecourt.co/. Thumbs up, Courtney!

Here is the video where I analyze the website design, responsiveness, and performance and share some tips and tricks about improving the UX. I hope you find it useful :))

Disclaimer: This is an opinion video. The idea and intent of this video is to give an opinion and interesting information. It is not meant to discredit or harm any business or person connected to or mentioned in this video.

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